Vendor FAQs

What is Hue List Market?

Hue List Market is the leading multicultural marketplace specializing in high-quality consumer goods!

We have targeted some of the very best brands of color to participate in providing the highest quality goods to a growing market of interested consumers. The ever-expanding multicultural market has spoken and Hue List Market is delivering! They are in search of diverse brands offering products that address their specific needs, as well as brands with missions that align with their values.

How is it different than any other marketplace?

Let’s face it… there are countless marketplaces in existence today selling everything you can possibly imagine, from baby clothes to power tools. Our marketplace was created to service customers and outstanding brands of color.  We do so by offering brands exposure to a growing market of interested consumers and through very competitive Hue List Market product/service pricing.


How many times have you encountered a marketplace that caters to the multicultural consumer? One that offers a wide range of products that appeal to people of color? While you can find many great brands of color on popular marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy, the general nature of these marketplaces put brands in direct competition for eyes and attention in a sea of competitors.


We strive to make the process of selling your product easy for you, the seller. We have created an easy to understand price structure for those vendors who wish to dropship products through our website, as well as those who would like to have Hue List Market take care of all fulfillment needs (Fulfillment by Hue List Market). Please see our Pricing Plans for a simple explanation of pricing for both plans.

Who is your target market/customer?

While we aspire to garner the businesses of the general market, our primary customer is the multicultural consumer.

What types of products are sold on Hue List Market?

While our platform will concentrate its initial retail offerings to a few categories at launch, our goal is to sell many products created by brands of color from all categories.

What is required to sell on Hue List Market?

  1. A valid business license and mailing address
  2. A valid email address (in case we need to contact you directly)
  3. A PayPal account (in order to handle commission payouts for each sale)

What is the cost to sell goods on Hue List Market?

We pride ourselves on our easy to understand pricing structure. We offer the following two shipping options:

  1. FULFILLMENT BY Hue List Market
    For those brands wishing to have Hue List Market handle all of their product fulfillment and storage needs.
    For those brands that want to sell products through our online store, but wish to handle all fulfillment and storage independently.

For a comparison of the two plans, please click here to contact us.

Why does Hue List Market collect a commission for each sale?

We collect our commission from each sale and put that into expanding our shared customer base as well as marketing your products. Simply put, charging this small commission allows us to reach more people so that we can expose your products in front of more individuals.

Does Hue List Market offer fulfillment for products sold online?

Yes.  We prefer to fulfill all products sold by product partners on Hue List Market Marketplace.  This allows us the opportunity to provide better customer service to Marketplace customers.  We offer very competitive storage and fulfillment rates. Click here to inquire about storage and fulfillment rates.

How often are commissions dispensed once products are sold?

It is our goal to get product partners paid in as timely a fashion as possible. Currently, we are set-up to dispense commissions every 2 weeks unless otherwise agreed upon (In some cases sellers may request monthly disbursements which Hue List Market can accommodate.  Sooner than 2 weeks is not an option at this time.)

I WANT TO SELL MY PRODUCTS ON HUE LIST MARKET! What should I do at this point?

The only thing you have to do at this point is to contact us and let us know that you are interested in joining our market. Once we vet your product offering, we will email you instructions on how to sign up and start your store!

I already have an online store. Do I need to still have one on Hue List Market?

Every vendor on Hue List Market is required to have an online store, even if they have a primary online presence.

What do I do if I have additional questions?

For any additional questions, please feel free to email and we’d be happy to answer them for you. Please note: We endeavor to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Interested? We’re Here to Help! Contact us

Disclaimer: Hue List Market, LLC reserves the right to make changes to any Hue List Market Marketplace policies.  Sellers and consumers will be notified prior to any changes that directly impact their accounts with Hue List Market Marketplace.