Discover, Shop, and Share the Best Brands of Color


THE Curated Marketplace for Brands of Color Officially Opens on the Web

PARAMUS, NJ (May 9, 2019) —, the business and domain name of the new online marketplace, has opened its virtual doors to offer a curated collection of the best products created by brands of color. The Delaware-based company currently offers more than 300 different products from over 40 unique brands. The retailer can be found at

We are in the midst of a progressively conscious retail environment, which consists of a growing class of “aware” consumers that are looking to purchase quality products from brands that hold the minority consumer and their issues close to heart.

While the statistics support the ever-expanding purchase power of this market, to this point, these consumers have been left to do most of the research and subsequent purchasing from brands that fit this description.

“We saw a huge need to build Hue List, based primarily off of our company ethos of celebrating the best brands of color. These brands are often under-represented in the general market, so they tend to be overlooked at times.”

“It is our goal to provide a central location for consumers to discover, shop, and share products from the best brands of color,” states Hue List Market Co-founder Kwaku Amuti.

From the best books written by minority authors, soothing aromatics, vegan based hygiene, organic skincare products, and more, Hue List Market has the essentials you need.

Reactions from individual users and its partners have ranged from comments on the important need for a marketplace like this, the awesome variety of the inventory to our vendors expressing extreme honor and gratitude for “being a part of such a wonderful community of minority creators!”

Hue List Market is an online retail marketplace representing the best “brands of color” in many different retail categories. The site allows these brands to truly show off their best products while giving consumers one central location to discover, shop and share the products they love.


If you would like more information about Hue List Market, please call Kwaku Amuti at (917) 482-1969, or email